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Surprise! Auto War Game You Can Attend

What would you do if you were the GM CEO? Or Alan Mulally of Ford, Akio Toyoda of Toyota, Tom Purves of BMW, Robert Cosmei of Hyundai, or another industry leader? Would your strategies work? Come participate in an automobile-industry business war game, facilitated by ACS.

Speaking of Simulation…

Harvard Business Publishing’s Denis Sautnier, Educational Technology Director in the Higher Education Group, recently interviewed ACS Founder and CEO Mark Chussil. You can see their wide-ranging conversation at Business Simulations and War Games: An Interview with Advanced Competitive Strategies’ Mark Chussil.

Pundits and Stress

According to Newsweek’s Sharon Begley, “The more feted by the media, the worse a pundit’s accuracy.” So, if we shouldn’t trust pundits who have (merely) achieved fame, how should we decide whom to trust? Fame may not be a prerequisite, but it doesn’t follow that obscurity is.

Advice, Gullibility, and Predictions

What we really want is to find a theory (in the sense of a model or system, not in the sense of an idea) that repeatedly, not anecdotally, predicts future events well. That’s how it works in science. I’m not saying it’s easy. I am saying it’s possible and it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Before It Was News

A brief survey of the day’s news, and what ACS had to say about it before it happened.

Crisis-preparedness party and drab business war-game workshop

A different approach to marketing crisis preparedness, from the Wall Street Journal. An upcoming two-day workshop about business war-gaming from ACS.

ACS on Competitive Intelligence

The CI Foundation has published a new book, Starting a Competitive Intelligence Function. A chapter in the book, “You’ve Got the Data. Now What?”, was written by ACS Founder and CEO Mark Chussil. View the blog post for links to the book and the chapter.

Interview with ACS CEO

The Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, Oregon chapter, interviewed ACS Founder and CEO Mark Chussil. You can read the interview, a wide-ranging discussion about strategic thinking and business war-gaming.