Before It Was News

Of note, from page 1 of the Wall Street Journal, December 4, 2008:

“Thousands of Indians in Mumbai angrily called for answers from a government they say failed to protect the public.” See our articles about crisis preparedness “We Are Fully Prepared”; or, Why Plans Fail and Who Would You Follow?, and our essay Feeling Is Believing.

“Bill Gates urged the government to maintain investment in foreign aid and education despite the financial crisis.” “Lufthansa’s supervisory board approved a plan to buy ailing Austrian Airlines.” When the going gets tough, the tough keep thinking. See our essay A Dark and Stormy Night.

“The United Auto Workers offered concessions to the Big Three a day before their CEOs are to visit Congress.” How can we know whether to bail out the auto industry? See our essays To Bail or to Bail Out, The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky, and Suffering Was Optional.

And as we think about what will become tomorrow’s news, we humbly remember our experience in When I Was Wrong.

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