Kudos to people making great strategy decisions

Succeeding Without Competing

Succeeding Without Competing By Mark Chussil Look at your life. What’s the sweetest success you have experienced? Bring up the memory of that event or feat. Savor it. Think of what you did to achieve it; think of how you worked, struggled, and risked; think of how you felt when your goal was finally in […]

Answering Four Questions Well

There are as many ways to accumulate happy numbers as there are to be lucky, which is to say there are a lot of ways. But applying the diligence and discipline not only to ask good questions but also to answer them well, and to act on the answers, makes those happy numbers well-deserved.

Netflix Gone Vile

800,000 subscribers left Netflix after the company raised its prices. That tells us Netflix adopted a bad strategy. Or does it? Fourteen reasons why Netflix was wrong, or not.

Do Something

Apparently we believe that bad action is better than no action at all. If we didn’t believe that, we the people wouldn’t demand that politicians and businesspeople always take action when things look bad.

Kudos to Abercrombie, Pure Digital, and Seoul

Abercrombie, Pure Digital, and Seoul have a lot in common. Here’s how they plan to win, and how they’re winning. Would you invest in them or in their competitors?

Website and website

Recognizing excellence on the web at (“Electoral Projections Done Right”) and from Substance, Inc., developers of ACS’ new website.

Minutes versus months: Kudos to Honda

There are many advantages to Honda’s flexible factories. In a mass-production industry, where does the idea of flexibility come from?


There may be wisdom in crowds and safety in numbers, but there’s not much inspiration in a herd or thought in groupthink.