Speaking of Simulation…

Harvard Business Publishing’s Denis Saulnier, Educational Technology Director in the Higher Education Group, recently interviewed ACS Founder and CEO Mark Chussil. You can see their conversation at Business Simulations and War Games: An Interview with Advanced Competitive Strategies’ Mark Chussil.

It’s a wide-ranging discussion. You’ll find questions and answers about:

  • The difference between business war games and strategy simulations.
  • How business war games are the strategy equivalent of clinical trials, flight simulators, and sparring partners.
  • The role of business war games and strategy simulations in higher-level strategy.
  • How decision tournaments™ can address problems too massive to tackle conventionally.
  • How the willingness to be wrong leads to deeper learning about strategy (and strategists).
  • Why companies need business war games and why their answers aren’t obvious.
  • What strategists and educators should look for as they explore business-simulation options.

Denis writes frequently and insightfully on his blog Experiential eLearning.

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