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Penney Wise, Penney Foolish

J.C. Penney doesn’t have the performance it wants, Mr. Johnson has been tarred and “pundited” as a failure, employees and investors are dispirited, and customers are baffled. Help wanted: CEO.

The Art of War-Gaming

Many executives unconsciously assume competitors have MBAs and behave “rationally.” Those assumptions were never true, but today it matters that they’re not true. It will matter even more in a more-global tomorrow.

Why Do War Games Work?

Business war games, in my experience, provide outstanding insights that greatly impact bottom lines. But why? What is it about business war games that produces insights that evidently elude other approaches?

The War (Game) Metaphor

This is something I’ve learned from all those war games: Watch out for the war metaphor in your strategic thinking, and challenge it if you see it. The challenge doesn’t cost you anything. You can always go back to the war metaphor if you really think it works.

The Model Whisperer

People whisper to horses, dogs, and (according to TV) ghosts. Why not models? The model whisperer — perhaps you, savvy strategist — gently, wisely guides models into shape and helps them achieve fulfillment as oracles of your business’ future. (#3 in a series)

House, MBA

What can we learn about business diagnosis from TV’s nastiest doctor? Quite a bit. We take a look at Safeway and Supervalu pricing on our rounds.

Honey, We Shrunk The Industry Again

We’ve run it again: a business war game on the automobile industry. It was to demonstrate war-gaming, not to solve the industry’s problems. That said, it revealed a lot about what goes right and what goes wrong when people develop competitive strategies.

Predictable Competitors

I presume you would like to predict your competitors’ moves better than you do now. Say, for instance, their prices. Let’s work on that, perhaps with a shock as we go along. We structure today’s harangue around a pricing quiz.

Honey, We Shrunk The Industry

ACS and SCIP Oregon conducted a business war game of the automobile industry. Here’s why, here are lessons from the war game, and here’s what you should do in your own business.

Taking the Stress Test

Don’t we all wish that the stress tests of banks had been done, say, a year and a half ago? The case for running our own stress tests on our businesses.