Did You Win or Did They Lose?

Did You Win or Did They Lose?

By Mark Chussil

Think about a case in which an upstart sacked an incumbent or snatched a prize the in­cumbent left unattended. Walmart, like the rest of us, was young once. Sears (to pick just one big re­tailer) could have said cool idea, we can do that, and rolled over the pipsqueak from Arkansas. Netflix was young once too, and Blockbuster could have busted it. Southwest Airlines is flying while you probably haven’t even heard of Braniff.

thinking question here might be this: did the upstarts win or did the incumbents lose?

A quick answer would be “some of both.” That’s not wrong, but we miss the best part if we stop there. Think: how did the upstarts win, why did the incumbents lose? Upstarts don’t always win. Incumbents don’t always lose.

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Mark Chussil, Founder and CEO of Advanced Competitive Strategies, is also a Co-founder of Competing.com.

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