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See these essays on LinkedIn. Some are about competitive strategy and strategic thinking; some are not. All are by Mark Chussil unless indicated otherwise.

The Imagination Multiplier” How simulations change minds and help businesses place better bets. Strategy simulation, strategic thinking, the Top Pricer Tournament.

Why I Run Business War Games and Strategic-Thinking Workshops the Way I Do” A sample program for a two-day workshop, explained step by step. Business war games, strategic thinking, workshops.

Human Inside: Why Strategists Should Love Their Computers” When will a computer beat a human at the capitalist game called strategy? It already has, many times. Just not in the usual sense of “beat.” Strategy simulation, business war games, strategic thinking.

Are Capitalists Copping Out?” Getting capitalists to help solve massive global problems. Inspired by an HBR article by HBS Professor Emeritus Joseph Bower. Business and politics.

We Will Play Soothing, Uninterrupted Music While You Wait” Parody of automated phone menus. Business and humor.

Motorcycles Are Safer than Cars! Strange but (Not) True” Good numbers gone bad. Strategic thinking, critical thinking.

The Formerly United States of America” What would happen to this nation if political campaigns go one click further. Non-partisan political satire.

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