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Recognizing excellence on the web, by Mark Chussil

One of my favorite websites (at least until November 4) is (“Electoral Projections Done Right”). Named for the number of electors in the Electoral College, the site cleverly combines polling data with thousands of scenario simulations to assess what might happen in the presidential election now underway in the United States. It is testimony to the combined power of creativity, rigor, and computer power. It is to conventional projections what Microsoft Excel is to a pocket calculator.

(If you like what you see at, take a look at ACS’ Decision Tournaments™ and Robert Axelrod‘s book The Evolution of Cooperation.)

Those of you who have visited ACS’ new website,, deserve to know who deserves the credit for it: the fine folks at Substance, Inc. They took lofty ideas and ambitious vision and brought them to electronic life. Substance did a great job, and we thank them.

Where did the ideas for our new website come from? I credit my colleague Mark Jacobs. We at ACS practiced what Mark preached in his blog post What are you?, and we thought through who we are. Thank you, Mark.

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