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Designed by Mark Chussil and implemented by Noam Ben-Ami, Crisis Simulations International’s DXMA™ was recently awarded United States patent number 7,536,287. Mark is a Founder of CSI as well as being Founder and CEO of ACS.

Mark will speak at the Pricing $trategies at Retail conference, sponsored by the Institute for International Research, on Tuesday, July 14, in Chicago. He will present ACS’ popular Top Pricer Tournament™, in which the conference attendees will compete to see who can develop the most-effective pricing strategy in three different industries. If you would like to join hundreds of executives from around the world by entering the tournament — it’s free, easy, and completely confidential — please write to You won’t have to wait for the conference to get your results.

For a 20% discount on the conference, mention code SPKRM2106MC when you contact IIR to sign up.

Here’s what the conference brochure says about the Tournament:

“All bets are off and muted panic rules the land during the current crisis. Hoping to maintain sales volume, companies race to the bottom on prices, not knowing where the bottom is. Hoping to maintain margins, other companies take a deep breath and hold their prices, not knowing what their competitors will do. How can you raise the odds of making good pricing decisions in bad economic times?

“[In the Top Pricer Tournament] You will make pricing decisions that we will simulate against your competitors – the other attendees at the conference – to see how well your strategies perform. You will see a powerful new technology to help pricing strategists develop excellent pricing strategies. You will get a startling new perspective on successful pricing and learn how better to achieve pricing excellence.”

You can read more about the tournament in When I Was Wrong and Millions of Pricing Simulations.

Public Business War Game
ACS will facilitate a public business war game centered on the automobile industry on June 9, 2009, in Portland, Oregon. It’s sponsored by the Oregon chapter of SCIP (the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals), and you are invited. Here is program and registration information.

Recommended Book
How do smart strategists choose bad strategies? That’s ACS’ business. How do good people do bad things? That’s Stanford Professor Emeritus Philip Zimbardo‘s business. Prof. Zimbardo has written a stunning, powerful, and intense book, The Lucifer Effect, based on his famous Stanford Prison Experiment. You can read about it at We’re citing it here not because it’s linked to ACS’ usual material. We’re citing it here because it’s fascinating and important.

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