Rat Beats Human

Rat Beats Human

By Mark Chussil

In an experiment, rats quickly figured out that the best strategy was to press Bar X every time because pressing that bar dispensed food 60% of the time. Mathematical­ly, that’s the best possible strategy. They got a 60% success rate, the best possible outcome.

In a similar experiment, humans tried to outsmart the system, to find patterns in the random sequence, to predict the next move. They switched cleverly between Bar X and Bar Y, and they succeeded less than 60% of the time. Rat beats human.

No one — well, no human — says a rat is smarter than a human; yet, competitively, rat beats human. Why? How?

The rat isn’t doing anything a human can’t. The rat is doing something a human won’t.

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Mark Chussil, Founder and CEO of Advanced Competitive Strategies, is also a Co-founder of Competing.com.

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