62% Raisin Bran

62% Raisin Bran

By Mark Chussil

I ate a healthful breakfast in a hotel lounge. Fresh fruit, plain Greek yogurt, and a single-serving box of raisin bran cereal.

The box practically promised me immortality. “100%* daily value of 11 vitamins & minerals,” it pledged. With each bite I could feel myself bursting with fitness and glowing with health. My shirtsleeves were tightening around my biceps.

Then I noticed the asterisk. “*Based on a 53g serving. This box contains 33g.” The box had 62% of the daily value of those 11 nutrients, and 38% baloney.

There’s a theory of competing behind that baloney. It seems not to fit the company’s number-one corporate value: “We do the right thing, all the time.”

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Mark Chussil, Founder and CEO of Advanced Competitive Strategies, is also a Co-founder of Competing.com.

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