Desperate Competitors (A Workshop)

Desperate Competitors (A Workshop)

ACS announces an upcoming workshop about business war-gaming and a forthcoming article about a business war game for the automobile industry. We also invite strategists to participate in a free and fascinating pricing-strategy tournament.

Desperate Competitors and New Rules: Using Business War Games to Compete Effectively During Turbulence. ACS will present this two-day workshop Kuala Lumpur (August 17-18, 2009). The workshop is sponsored by IBN. See below for more about the workshop.

Honey, We Shrunk the Industry: An Automotive War Game. This article will appear in the July/August issue of Competitive Intelligence magazine, published by SCIP (the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals). It is based on an ACS blog essay of a similar name.

Pricing-Strategy Tournament
ACS is conducting research on pricing strategy using our Decision Tournament™ technology. We’re using the research in a book about decision tournaments. You can see how your pricing strategies compare to those from hundreds of other strategists! It’s free, fun, serious, fascinating, unique, and confidential. You will develop pricing strategy for businesses in three industries, and you will receive a report detailing the results and implications of your strategy. And if you’re the top pricer, you will be honored on our website! It may not be an Academy Award, but it’s not chopped liver either. Please write to to enter.


The Desperate Competitors Workshop
How can you compete when everything is changing? How can you know where to commit your resources when the risks are so high? How can you choose new strategies when old strategies have failed and the future is uncertain?

Desperate Competitors and New Rules will challenge the ways you may have thought for a long time. That’s a good thing. What worked in the past may not work when the market is much different, and the companies that succeed in the future will be those who adapt quickly and effectively to that future.

The workshop is not about cheerleading, unsubstantiated magic, miracle strategies, or brow-beating. It is not about uncovering obscure factoids or improving the bottom line by 0.0371 percent. It is not a lecture.

The workshop is not about the past. It is about the future.

Desperate Competitors is about questioning, competing, strategy, and thinking. It is about improving strategists’ skills, applicable every day and starting right away. It is highly interactive, with case studies, lively exercises, simulations, and actual war games. It is designed for people ready to compete effectively by thinking differently.

For more information about the workshop, please write to

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