Honey, We Shrunk The Industry

Honey, We Shrunk The Industry: What Happened When We War-Gamed Automobiles, by Mark Chussil

The blog essay that used to live here was published  in the July/August 2009 issue of Competitive Intelligence magazine (www.scip.org). You can see the article in the Library section of ACS’ website, or click here to go directly to it.

There’s also a sequel to this essay, called Honey, We Shrunk The Industry Again.

Our thanks to SCIP Oregon for inviting us to present the automobile industry business war game. Specifically, our thanks to the extraordinary team of Sean Campbell and Scott Swigart of Cascade Insights.

Our thanks to the intrepid strategists who gave their all to the automobile industry for four hours. It was a huge challenge, and you rose to the occasion with creativity, critical thinking, and good cheer. Well done.

Our congratulations to the Top Strategists on the top-scoring team and to the Top Strategist judges who asked great questions as consumers and investors.

If you would like to experience the automobile business war game or any of ACS’ other programs, please contact us at info@whatifyourstrategy.com.

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Honey, We Shrunk The Industry Again - Advanced Competitive Strategies

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