Cyborg War Games™ from Advanced Competitive Strategies

Cyborg War Games™: How Humans + Computers Transform Competitive Strategy

A unique webinar presented by Mark Chussil, Founder of Advanced Competitive Strategies, Inc.

A unique technology offered by ACS.

I’ve focused on competitive strategy for over forty-five years and run business war games around the world for thirty of those years. I can attest that war games are cool. Even better, they are surprising. Those surprises add value, billions of dollars in bottom-line results. They tell us things we didn’t know, leading to threats anticipated and opportunities taken.

Cyborg war games combine the imagination of humans with the computational power of machines. They transform competitive strategy. By “transform” I do not mean tweaking operational efficiency or boosting customer satisfaction by 1.381% in Q3. I do not mean bigger data and smaller headcounts. No: I mean bigger thinking and greater creativity. I mean synergy, bringing humans and computers together to discover and stress-test strategies in ways that humans simply cannot do alone.

This  Cyborg Strategy™ approach can disrupt strategic thinking itself. I know it can, because it disrupted my own thinking.

In this presentation I draw on MacArthur genius award-winning political scientist Robert Axelrod, chess champion Garry Kasparov, business war games, game theory, cyborgs, research on the Top Pricer Tournament™, and the models in our heads.

You will learn:

  • Fresh perspectives on strategy and decision-making from 17 billion simulations (17 gigasims) on 2,200+ Tournament entries
  • Pitfalls from conflating bad outcomes with bad decisions, and a simple framework to avoid the pits
  • Provocative questions for strategists to answer (“what will our competitors do?” is not the right question)

Thinking better than your competitors is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Contact me to arrange this webinar for your company, your classroom, your professional association, or your alumni club. Attendees can enter the Top Pricer Tournament before the webinar… and the attendee with the best-performing strategies can be feted as the webinar’s Top Pricer.

Contact me also to discuss how to bring this technology to your company.