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Business War Games

The quality of strategy decisions is greatly enhanced by creating and testing strategists’ ideas in a safe environment. Think of war games as the strategy equivalent of clinical trials, flight simulators, and sparring partners, all together. That’s what an ACS business war game is about..

The Top Pricer Tournament

The Top Pricer Tournament is a state-of-the-art, AI-enabled strategy simulator ... a business war game in a computer. It's ideal and thought-provoking for workshops on strategic thinking, for business-school classrooms, and as a corporate or conference event.

Workshops on Strategic Thinking

ACS has delivered management-development and executive-education programs around the world. Our highly interactive, thought-provoking programs can be customized for the specific operations and scenarios of your industry. These programs range from one-hour to three-day in-house seminars facilitated by ACS experts. We have even produced easy-to-use software tools that support individual learning.

Strategy Decision Tests (Decision Tournaments)

We strategists are going to make decisions no matter what. Unfortunately, being human, we’re not particularly good at calculating and contrasting possible futures. That’s what decision tournaments are for. They evaluate which of your strategy options is realistically likely to work best and bear the least risk, by whatever measure(s) of success you choose, in difficult, fluid, even discontinuous environments. No shortcuts: we test all the options and combinations you can think of. That can be millions. (We’ve done it.)

Business Strategy Simulations

A group of strategists are brainstorming, testing their ideas, in real time, with a powerful strategy simulator tailored to their business. We provide the software, based on the technologies we use in our advanced business war games. And you can own it.


ACS has conducted 200 business war games for Fortune 500 companies, and at universities and conferences, on six continents. We have also delivered numerous conference presentations and corporate workshops, from half an hour to three days, around the world. See what people have said about them.