ACS has published many essays and articles over the years.

Here they are. We enjoy going back and re-reading them ourselves, as the lessons and stories within them appear more and more timeless as time passes. We hope you enjoy them as well.

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ACS has compiled bibliographies of our articles and essays. You can see and download them here.

Essays About Strategy

This bibliography contains descriptions of essays and articles, and links to full text online, about competitive strategy. It categorizes 35 entries in four groups: Hot Strategic Yoga (helping strategists stretch), Numbers I Have Loved (helping strategists compute), The Futures (helping strategists imagine), and Why On Earth? (helping strategists understand).

The ACS Business War-Gaming Bibliography

This bibliography contains dozens of articles and essays directly or indirectly related to business war games. It contains summaries and links to full text.

The ACS Why Strategies Fail Bibliography

This bibliography raises questions of why strategies fail in the first place. It includes links and summaries to ACS articles and essays on the subject, plus links to thought-provoking books written by others.

Marvelous Techniques (the book)

ACS has compiled some of our favorite blog essays and articles into a book, along with new material, called Marvelous Techniques: Essays on Going Beyond Strategy as We’ve Known It. It is available directly from ACS. Please write to for ordering information.

Praise for Marvelous Techniques

Mark Chussil’s perspectives on strategy and decision-making in Marvelous Techniques are a must-read for strategists, entrepreneurs, students, and others. His techniques will improve practices and critical-thinking skills, and greatly improve strategy decisions, for businesses, public entities, non-profits, and even personal life.
Ken Thrasher, Chairman, Compli

Marvelous Techniques is a must read for business strategists, public servants, and decision-makers in general. Mark Chussil’s easy reading style, combined with real-life examples and just the right touch of humor, makes Marvelous Techniques hard to put down.
Adrian Cruz, Ph.D., CEO, PharmaProspect International, formerly Senior Vice President and President, Latin America and Caribbean, GlaxoSmithKline

Featured Article

You’ve Got the Data. Now What?

Most strategy challenges cannot be solved — emphasis on solved, not merely “responded to” — with data and information alone. Instead, they must be solved by combining intelligence (knowledge) with intelligence (human decision making). This book chapter discusses hidden traps that bedevil strategy decision-making: conventional tools, overconfidence, innumeracy, monsters, and obviousness.

Featured Essay

A Dark and Stormy Night

This isn’t the first time there’s been trouble (nor will it be the last). The solution is not to ignore the situation. The solution is not to not-panic in the situation. The solution is to deal appropriately with the situation. Start by not delegating to pundits, and by not believing conventional analysis. In fact, don’t assume that you have to do anything at all.