You reached this page probably intending to go to a page on the website. That website is gone, but it will probably reappear with exciting new material. was originally the website for Advanced Competitive Strategies, Inc. (ACS). You are now on a page on ACS’ website.

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  • Click here for information about ACS itself. had many wonderful essays on competing as a skill by Mark Chussil, founder of ACS, and Benjamin Gilad, founder of the Academy of Competitive Intelligence. Some of those essays may reappear on ACS’ site. Others are woven into a book that Ben and Mark published in 2019: The NEW Employee Manual: A No-Holds-Barred Look at Corporate Life (Entrepreneur Press, 2010).

If you visited in search of specific essays that you’d like to re-read or use otherwise, please contact ACS. I can probably get those essays to you. is not accepting new contributors at this time.

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