About ACS

Great competitive strategy with unique strategy tools

ACS provides extraordinary business war games, strategy simulators, and workshops on strategic thinking.

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In 1986 Mark Chussil joined with Professor David Reibstein of the Wharton School to make something new and great, something never before possible, something that combined state-of-the-art strategic thinking with computer-based simulation. They called it ValueWar™.

In 1990 Chussil left the Strategic Planning Institute after 15 years of strategy research, followed by years at a cushy job in industry, to launch Advanced Competitive Strategies, or ACS. ValueWar and other ACS simulators are to competitive strategy what spreadsheets are to finance and artificial intelligence is to marketing. ACS simulators and war games see competitive strategy not as a budget or a forecast but rather as a game, in the game-theory sense. Those simulators and war games help you see your business — and the decisions before you — with new eyes.

ACS specializes in business war games, Decision Tournaments™ (such as the Top Pricer Tournament™), and strategy simulators. We’ve published scores of articles and essays, in the Harvard Business Review online and elsewhere. We’ve educated thousands of business executives at the largest, most-respected companies across industries and continents. We’ve helped dozens of companies avoid disaster and find opportunity. That’s why ACS is here today. And why you’re here with us.

ACS is based in the United States. We’ve worked with companies, universities, and conferences on six continents.