Winning (invitation to free webinar)

Winning: The How and Why of Business War Games (a free webinar)

This post is an invitation for you to attend a free webinar presented by ACS’ Mark Chussil on behalf of the LinkedIn group “Corporate Planning & Global Industry Segmentation.”

The webinar will be on Tuesday, November 17, 2009, at 1:30 pm east-coast time, 10:30 am west-coast time. It will be one hour in duration. You can access video through a web link that you will receive 30 minutes before the webinar begins. (See “How to sign up,” below.) You can access audio by dialing a phone link that you’ll receive with the web link.

The topic is Winning: The How and Why of Business War Games.


Business war games sound cool. That’s because they are. Business war games are more than a way to escape the tedium of gigabyte spreadsheets and death by PowerPoint. They are a way to put your knowledge of your business to better use. With business war games strategists can achieve surprising new insights into businesses they know well. And by the way, business war games are not about war.

Agenda for our interactive presentation

  • Why business war games work where conventional strategy development doesn’t.
  • What business war games are good for.
  • The essential elements of successful business war games.
  • How to design or select a business war game for your company.
  • What strategists have learned from business war games; in other words, war stories.
  • Q&A

About the presenter

Mark Chussil is Founder and CEO of Advanced Competitive Strategies, Inc. and a pioneer in the field of business war-gaming and strategy simulation. He is also a Founder of Crisis Simulations International, LLC. Mark’s technologies have won a patent (for CSI’s DXMA™ crisis simulator) and an industry award (for ACS’ ValueWar™ strategy simulator). A highly rated, thought-provoking, and entertaining speaker, Mark has lectured and conducted hundreds of business war games on six continents. He has written two books, chapters for five others, and dozens of articles and essays. He earned his MBA at Harvard and his BA at Yale.

How to sign up

You can sign up in either of two ways: through ACS or directly through the LinkedIn group. Whichever you select, please sign up before November 17.

Signing up through ACS

Send an email to saying that you want to participate in the webinar. ACS will inform the group moderator and email access information to you 30 minutes before the presentation begins.

Signing up directly through the LinkedIn group

  • Register on LinkedIn if you don’t already have a profile.
  • “Search Groups” for “Corporate Planning & Global Industry Segmentation.”
  • Ask to join that group by clicking on “Join this group,” displayed at the right of the group description.
  • After the group’s moderator sees and approves your request (usually the same day), visit the group and find Discussion “Special Presentation: Tuesday, Nov 17th.”
  • Add a comment to say you will attend.
  • On November 17 you will receive an email 30 minutes before the presentation with the call-in number and the URL for the webinar.

Please feel free to share this invitation with your colleagues.

We hope you’ll join the webinar!

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